American Monuments

American Monuments

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  • Groove Grip bottle - ergonomic, easy to hold, comfortable
  • Non-smearing, fast-drying Dabbin' Fever® ink formula
  • Easy dab applicator


  • Available in 4 sleeve designs: Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore, Lincoln Memorial, and Statue of Liberty
  • 80ml with 24mm applicator tip
  • Bulk case quantity by color
  • 144 bottles per case, packed 12/12 packs

American Treasures

Each of the American Monuments 80ml bottles features details about the monument on the sleeve!

American Monuments Patriotic Bingo Ink
Colors Part Numbers
80 ml
Liberty Bell Blue #93013200501
Mount Rushmore Red #93013200400
Lincoln Memorial Blue #93013200701
Statue of Liberty Red #93013200600
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Collector's Gift Set

  • Attractive, full color gift box
  • Each 4 pack set contains 1 Liberty Bell blue, 1 Mount Rushmore red, 1 Lincoln Memorial blue, and 1 Statue of Liberty red
  • Packed 18 sets per case
Part Number
Gift Set #93013200450
American Monuments Bingo Ink Gift Set

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