Popeye Bingo Ink Marker Bingo Ink Marker

Popeye Bingo Ink Marker

Popeye Bingo Ink Marker Bingo Ink Markers

Great for Gifts, Promotional Events & Giveaways!


Groove Grip™ bottle - ergonomic, easy to hold, comfortable

Non-smearing, fast-drying Dabbin' Fever® ink formula

Easy dab applicator


Available in red, purple, blue, and green ink

80ml with 24mm applicator tip

Bulk case quantity by color

144 bottles per case, packed 12/12 packs

Halloween Skeletons Seasonal Bingo Ink
Colors Part Numbers
80 ml
Red #93015900700
Purple #93015900719
Blue #93015900701
Green #93015900702

Gift Set

Attractive, full color gift box

Each 4 pack gift set contains 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green and 1 purple ink

Packed 18 per case

Part Number
Gift Set # 93015900752
Popeye Bingo Ink Marker

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